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Neck disease TREATMENT



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Cervical myelopathy

Cervical Stenosis

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Treatment method

아이콘 Neck disc

It is a disease in which the discs between the cervical spine (neck) come out or the bone tissue protrudes, compressing the spinal nerves passing through the neck, causing pain, numbness, and muscle weakness.


아이콘 Representative Symptoms

아이콘 Neck pain and pain in the shoulders, arms and hands can be aches and pains, and there may be no pain in the neck itself.

아이콘 Your shoulders don’t have much disease, and shoulder pain can persist.

아이콘 Symptoms of numbness and weakness of the fingers may appear without cause.

아이콘 Ocular pain may develop and, in rare cases, a headache may accompany it.

아이콘 Neck movements cause severe numbness and pain in the shoulders or arms.


Non-surgical treatment: physiotherapy, drug treatment, manual rehabilitation, neuroenzyme injection, epidural neuroplasty, low frequency high frequency nucleoplasty

Surgical treatment: Anterior cervical vertebral fixation, Cervical spinal disc replacement

아이콘 Cervical myelopathy

Pressure caused by a degenerative disease of the cervical spine is a spinal cord dysfunction caused by secondary causes of pressing the spinal cord.
It occurs when a person has severe trauma to the cervical intervertebral disc, or a patient with existing neural tube stenosis, such as cervical spondylosis.



아이콘 Representative Symptoms

아이콘 Sore throat is not a common symptom.

아이콘 It often becomes difficult to drop objects picked up by hand or fill buttons.

아이콘 You will walk with wide, hesitating, and rattling steps.

아이콘 Fisting and releasing the fist is not fast.

아이콘 Hand movements are unnatural and writing becomes difficult.


Non-surgical treatment: medication, physical therapy, neuroenzyme injection, epidural neuroplasty

Surgery: Cervical Anterior Fixation, Cervical Spinal Resection


아이콘 Cervical Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a decrease in height due to aging of the discs in the neck, degeneration, and bone growth as the bones grow, forming a pelvic pole, which passes through the nerves of the spinal canal.
It is a disease that narrows as a whole. It is a neuralgia that goes down from one shoulder area to the arm.



아이콘 Representative Symptoms

아이콘 Throat movement is limited and pain persists.

아이콘 There may be pain to the back of the head.

아이콘 Stinging pain can appear from shoulder to hand.

아이콘 The hands and arms are less likely to feel, have a numbness, and lose strength.


Non-surgical treatment: physiotherapy, manual therapy, neuroenzyme injection, epidural neuroplasty

Surgical treatment: Anterior cervical vertebral fixation


아이콘 Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Also called chronic muscle pain or phlegm. Sudden stress or stress on the muscles, or excessive strain on the muscles causes tissue damage.
Pain occurs when abnormalities occur in controlling calcium levels in muscle cells.



아이콘 Representative Symptoms

아이콘 Neck movement is limited, there is pain.

아이콘 The back of the head may also have pain.

아이콘 Touching the muscles near the pain trigger point is hard and very painful.

아이콘 In severe cases, the hands and arms may feel strange and even numb.


Non-surgical treatment: medication, neuroenzyme injection, physical therapy, manual therapy



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