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Headache AFFECTS more than 90% of the population
It is QUITE a common disease to experience.

But the causes of headaches are numerous. Head pain does not always cause brain problems,

and accurate tests are essential as it affects daily life, and consultation with a doctor is essential.

아이콘 Type of headache

01 Tingling migraine

02 Tension headaches commonly caused by stress or overwork

03 Severe pain clustering with eye redness

04 Concussion from acute accidents or severe trauma

05 Central headache caused by abnormal brain and cerebrovascular

06Cervical headache caused by abnormal cervical spine

아이콘 WHEN you need a headache test




아이콘 I have a headache that lasts longer than three days.

아이콘 I have a headache that occurs more than four times a month.

아이콘 Even if the medicine is ineffective or relapses.

아이콘 You may not be able to take the medicine you are taking or you may have a headache.

아이콘 Women may have headaches related to their menstrual cycle.

아이콘 There are headaches that accompany other cases, such as vomiting, tinnitus, vision problems, eye movement disorders, eye tremors, and facial muscle disorders.

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