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We promise the most perfect treatment available to all patients who visit INBONE Hospital.
INBONE Hospital puts foreign patient’s satisfaction above everything.

Hospital Director’s Greeting
“The name Inbone begins with the words, “Let’s not forget that the most important thing in treating a disease are people.” Inbone  is a hospital that realizes patient-oriented medical services and puts patient satisfaction above everything else.”

Through regular medical staff training and study we will provide you with advanced medical services and reward you with better medical care.

We will be a hospital that is always researching for the sake of customers and that is always caring about your health.”

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Our Mission

Customer Centered Hospital
Inbone is a hospital where the customer is the center, where comfort of the client is more important than that of the medical staff.


Hospital That Bring Happiness
Not a hospital that only treats customers with joint and spinal diseases. From the heart to the joints and the spine, we will be a hospital that always researches and studies to maintain the strength.


Steady effort
We become a truly advamced hospital and and put a constant effort in researching medical technology so that all of our staff can always deliver better results. ”

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Emerson Anderson

The clinic is excellent, from nurses to doctors at the highest level, the doctors are very competent and kind. The translator and the doctor coordinator helped me choose this clinic and was always in touch. The transfer was organized, overall was perfect!

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Pavel Leshenko

Очень приветливый персонал и переводчик, во всем помогали. После операции дали все консультации по уходу за пересажанными волосами, очень порадовал трансфер и отель. Врач до сих пор на связи хотя операция была 3го января, с любимы вопросами помогает и все разъясняет.

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Vasilii Uvarov

Good relative service,nice personnel and fine desidions to care about all registration documents and travel tickets confirmation.
From clinic’s side everything was perfectly arranged.
Overall had an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it.

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Katya Levchenko

Great and thorough communication, after weeks of research I ended up using one of the surgeons they recommended. Tthey really know their stuff!
My mother got the best care, the surgery went perfect despite all the risks associated.
Thank you inbone hospital team for your wonderful help!

Inbone Purpose

The name Inbone begins with the phrase, “Let’s not forget that people are most important in treating a disease.”

The name Inbone also means “Let’s cure illnesses wisely.”

It is not just a hospital that treats joints and spine, but a hospital that treats people’s hearts.

Inbone Hospital will make efforts through continuous research so that specialists in each field such as orthopedics and

internal medicine can gather to maintain the strength from the heart of the patient to the joint and the spine.

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