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Using heat, ice, rays, electricity, ultrasound, or mechanical force
It has a therapeutic effect that promotes the healing of tissues and improves the movement of the body.




Disc, low back pain, fifty shoulders, arthritis, ankle sprain
Non-surgical methods for pain relief in musculoskeletal patients
It cures imbalances and chronic pain.

아이콘 Ion therapy


아이콘 What is ion therapy?

Method of treating drugs by injecting the ions of the drugs into skin using a direct current through the skin or cell membrane

아이콘 Application area and effect

아이콘 Topical muscles

아이콘 Damage and inflammation of the tendons, joints

아이콘 All muscular, skeletal pain

아이콘 Kidney injection


아이콘 What is renal injection?

Medical CO2 liquefied gas with a coolant temperature of -78 ° C is sprayed onto the skin in a state where liquid CO2 liquefied gas is liquefied to the skin at the injection pressure of 2.2 bar, and it is vaporized immediately to maximize the cold compress effect that takes heat away.

아이콘 Application area and effect

아이콘 All kinds of muscle pain

아이콘 Minimize hematoma production

아이콘 Edema prevention

아이콘 Extracorporeal shockwave


아이콘 What is extracorporeal shockwave therapy?

What is extracorporeal shock wave therapy? Extracorporeal shock wave therapy uses shock waves that reach deep into the body.
It treats the root cause of pain, and it has the advantage of short treatment time and quick treatment effect.

아이콘 Benefits of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

아이콘 Non-invasive treatment with very few side effects.

아이콘 Shock waves reach deep into the body and are effective for treating areas.

아이콘 Has an excellent effect on chronic inflammation

방사형 충격파

Radial shockwave

Radial shockwave
Especially superficial muscle pain and edema
It is the most effective treatment for large areas.

포커스형 충격파

Focused Shock Wave

With multifocal focus
Deep muscles, gun attachments, cartilage, joints
It is a more effective treatment.

Extracorporeal shock wave treatment site

01Pain in feet
Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis,
Ligament injury, foot fracture)

02Shoulder pain
(Crash syndrome, calcified tendonitis,
Rotator cuff)

03Elbow pain
(Tennis elbow, golf elbow)

04Knee pain
Patellaritis, cartilage damage

아이콘 High density laser


아이콘 What is high density laser treatment?

By precisely penetrating the laser directly into the treatment tissue
By greatly improving the circulation of capillaries
This treatment maximizes inflammation and pain relief.

아이콘 Application area and effect

아이콘 Edema, inflammation treatment effect

아이콘 Analgesic effect

아이콘 Cell regeneration promoting effect

아이콘 Joint disease and arthritis treatment effect

아이콘 Muscle and ligament disease treatment effect

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